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Thursday, November 23, 2017

“Trimming COLLI: the right choice

For trimming shoes, soles, leather goods and various items (technical, sports, etc.).


" Seam beating COLLI machine:

the right choice "

For beating and ironing uppers, boots, welts and finished shoes.

" Humidifier COLLI machine:

the right choice "

For soaking with solvent fabric tips and stiffeners.

" All our products: trimming machines, seam beating machines, humidifier machines "

At our show room, in Vigevano, there are always more than 30 types of machines to find the optimal solution to your needs.

Send us your samples .......

....... we will indicate you the suitable machine


" We are available for testing your samples, for explanations and information "

The philosophy of the company has been always characterized by a high product quality with a quick and qualified service.

This explains when you think about a trimming machine you think to " COLLI machine ".

Colli FGB all over in the world

Colli FGBCOLLI FGB, founded by Mr. Colli Franzone Giovanni Battista, started producing shoe machinery in 1954.

During the years has specialized in trimming machines and seam beating and ironing machines. Over 50 years of continous research and technological improvements has allowed us to be able to offer a complete range of more than 30 models of machines dedicated to resolving several trimming problems connected to the footwear and its components.

The production, realized entirely in the historical factory in Vigevano, is destined for export mainly through retailers and representatives all over the world that allow a quick and qualified service assistance.

Nowadays everything goes so fast and passes but COLLI FGB machines are made to last.

This is our philosophy which is reflected in the choice of materials and components, in the process of manufacturing and in the relationships with customer and retailers.


COLLI F.G.B. srl

Via Russo Vincenzo, 25
27029 Vigevano (PV) ITALIA
Tel:  +39 0381 84022
Fax: +39 0381 78393
P.IVA/C.F. 01157870187

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